Swedes row on farm

Tarance's Story

In 1993, I started growing trees for my own landscaping business. With some land available on my grandparents' farm near Camrose it seemed like a good idea at the time.

At first, I grew the trees traditionally in the field, but after a couple of years I discovered root control bags. I found I could grow up to a 60mm caliper (or 8' coniferous) tree with an 18" rootball. The trees weigh just 130lb, and because 80% of the root system stays within the root control bag, they suffer little or no transplant shock.

As other landscapers found out about these amazing trees, they wanted to buy them, so I started to plant a few more than I needed.

Selling to retail and wholesale customers

Fast forward to today and I have a long list of landscapers and contractors who buy from me on a regular basis.

This year, we also have a retail outlet for our trees. They are exclusively available through our own full service garden centre, Bloomfield Garden Centre.

Come and check out the big trees with little rootballs

People often think our trees have to be seen to be believed - healthy, hardy trees of a size that would usually come in a 36-42" rootball and weigh around 900lb. You don't plant those in a hand dug hole!

If you'd like to see for yourself, come and check them out at 243015 Boundary Road. (google maps Larchwood Nurseries or Bloomfield Garden Centre)