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Larchwood Nurseries is a growing concern!

In fact, what started as a few contracts fulfilled in one greenhouse has taken on a life of its own! We now grow for a growing list of landscapers, retail stores and other wholesale customers. If you don’t want the hassle of searching for the best plants in the spring, let Larchwood Nurseries grow them for you!

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Custom Growing

If you’ve got customers or tenants who expect a glorious flower display every spring, we’ve got you covered:

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We grow our trees in a root control bag so we can provide a deciduous tree up to 60mm caliper, or a 9’ tall conifer, with an 18” rootball weighing just about 150lb.

Yes! Now you can plant a bigger tree with no need for machinery, which makes them a popular choice for landscapers.

Our trees are grown right here in Alberta, so they’re hardy and acclimatised, and because of the way we grow them they suffer very little transplant shock on planting.

Tarance's Story

About Us

Larchwood Nurseries has long been well known among Calgary landscapers for the ‘big trees with little rootballs’. Tarance Zak started growing them for his own landscaping customers, and other contractors soon wanted to know where they could get these beautiful, big, Alberta-grown trees that could be transported in the back of a half ton and planted without the use of machinery.

Call Tarance on (403) 650-5635 to learn more about the trees.

When Larchwood Nurseries purchased and moved out to an old nursery property just east of Calgary, we were given the opportunity to take over a few custom growing contracts for landscapers requiring spring annuals. Those greenhouse contracts have grown until today we’re growing in four greenhouses and have even opened a retail garden centre. We custom grow for an ever expanding list of customers and start taking orders as early as October or November for the following spring.

Call Wendy on (403) 816-6255 to learn more about custom growing.
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If you’ve got questions, or would like to enquire about custom growing, please call Tarance at (403) 650-5635 or email us.

About Us

Originally founded as a tree farm, specialising in growing the big trees with little rootballs, our nursery operation has expanded to include a thriving custom growing enterprise.

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