Big trees in an 18" rootball!

Our trees are grown right here in Alberta, so they're hardy and acclimatized. Learn about the root control bags that enable us to grow  bigger tree with a smaller rootball...

Retail Customers

Now you can pick up a big tree in the back of a truck, and plant it in a hand-dug hole. No need for machinery. Available exclusively through Bloomfield Garden Centre...

Wholesale Customers

Contractors love the big trees with little rootballs because they're grown in Alberta, they weigh just 130lb for a 60mm tree, and they can be planted without machinery. Email now for a catalogue.

Big trees with little rootballs, since 2000

Our trees are grown right here in Alberta, in root control bags. This unique technology allows us to grow a bigger tree with an 18" rootball. They weigh about 130lb each, so two people can lift them and plant them in a hand-dug hole. No need for machinery!

The Larchwood Advantage

  • Grown in Alberta, so our trees are hardy and acclimatized
  • Big trees up to 60mm caliper for deciduous trees, or 8-9' tall for coniferous
  • 18" rootball, weighing about 130lb
  • Transport up to 8 in the back of a half-ton
  • Plant in a hand-dug hole

For our retail customers, Larchwood's trees are available through our sister company, Bloomfield Garden Centre.


swedish columnar aspen
Oak with W

Our beautiful trees must be seen to be believed!

Come check them out at Greentree Village, 243015 Boundary Road.